B. Arts, Australian National University 1999;
MBA, University of Queensland, (current enrolment)
Social Return on Investment practitioner (current accreditation process)
Strengths Deployment Inventory practitioner (accredited)

Maree’s combination of academic and practical grounding in community services and evaluation gives her a wonderful perspective on the things that really matter for the people and projects that comprise RDS Partners.

Offering a specialisation in not-for-profit organisational development, policy development and analysis and program research and development, Maree’s work is oriented by the following key values:

  • transparency and open communication – staying in contact to ensure people can see progress and impact;
  • capacity building – ensuring knowledge and skills are transferred back to the client;
  • consultation and participation – working from the foundation principle that critical knowledge and experience reside in the people affected by any project, and change is managed most successfully where those affected are empowered to have a role in the process.

Maree works from an active learning perspective and uses participatory research and development methods in her research and evaluation projects.

Widely regarded for her focussed, empathetic and effective facilitation skills, Maree has worked with many organisations and groups to raise, discuss and agree on matters of importance and urgency.

In a recent review of a client’s organisational structure, Maree’s ability to work with people, to understand what they were really saying and to synthesise that knowledge into practical actions set that organisation on a path that will sustain its current growth and change.

Those who work with Maree experience her skills at building trust and openness and her ability to help people get to the crux of an issue quickly and with clarity. This skill saves time and energy that is always put to good use somewhere else . . .

Prior to joining RDS Partners as co-owner with Tom Lewis, Maree had a range of leadership and governance roles within the community sector in Tasmania and the ACT, with key responsibilities including people management, governance, capacity building and business and organisational development, industry development and industry policy development and analysis.

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Contact Maree

E: maree.fudge@rdspartners.com.au
T: 03 6231 9033