Featured project

Developing Industry Communication - Oysters Australia

With an aim to connect the Oyster Industry nationally in order to share information, research and development, RDS Partners is working across cross a number of mediums: from state based grower groups, to the development of an industry blog www.oystersaustraliablog.org.au to videos featuring the benchmarking project. Find Out More.

Program Evaluation - Communities for Children
In this project, RDS Partners developed an evidence-based, outcomes-oriented evaluation framework, developed a community profile and designed interview and survey tools that map the impact and outcomes for families. Read More
Social impact analysis
RDS Partners piloted a stakeholder-informed ‘social return on investment’ methodology in partnership with two aquaculture sectors: shellfish and salmon. Read More
Developing industry communication
Throughout the design and planning of this project, the future sustainability of these projects is being considered and strategised for. Read More
Centre for Food Innovation
We are providing secretariat, stakeholder engagement and project management services to the Centre for Food Innovation steering committee. Read More
Allergen Bureau
RDS provides executive services for The Allergen Bureau: from the management and coordination of Board meetings to supporting them to develop and commercialise internationally recognised risk management tools Read More
Strategic issues - monitoring and review
Industry associations are increasingly aware of ‘reading’ the environment as they focus building and maintaining a ‘social license to operate’. RDS Partners bring together stakeholder analysis and scientific expertise to help Dairy Australia  hear where and what the ‘noise’ is Read More
Oysters Tasmania
The Tasmanian oyster industry has leveraged Tom Lewis’ long standing commitment and wealth of experience in shellfish aquaculture to develop a respected advocacy and communication arm for the industry. Read More
Shellfish futures conference
Shellfish futures is evolving into one of Australia’s key oyster conferences, and is increasingly the forum for industry, government and regulators to discuss and debate the issues that really matter. Read More