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Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation

The key objective of this project was to explore the role of ‘non-profit drivers’ in critical decisions made about farm diversification.

This industry research study was conducted in the Northern Midlands area of Tasmania.  RDS Partners produced a social, environmental and economic profile of the region, a literature review on farm diversification and conducted primary research through in-depth interviews with landholders.  The team worked with all three data sources in analysing the regional setting.

The research report has provided government with input into effective decision making for farm diversification activities, as well as providing information for farm families, regional communities and industry about diversification motivations and implications.

You can read the report on the RIRDC website.

Project Manager

Tom Lewis, Director at RDS Partners manages this project.
You can contact Tom on:
T: 03 6231 9033
or visit Tom’s profile for further information.